by Darkshaft

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released January 8, 2012

Aja Tiramisu - Drums/Vocals

Michael Triponel - Guitar/Vocals

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Mr. Blair Jollands at Glowb Recordings, Brick Lane, London over 2 and a 1/2 days, July 2011.

Additional vocals by Leggings as pants.

Many thanks to The Dragons Gold Collective.



all rights reserved


Darkshaft London, UK

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Track Name: Last night on Earth
The FIRST thing I think when I open my eyes - I'll never sleep again cos today I will die, One more night means one more time and one more time means I'm cutting it fine, I'm a sexual do-it-all outlaw visionary, sexual vigilante, love making missionary, I'm leaving more than a mark on this world - this is the last thing I think before I die.

Death ain't nothing but a heartbeat away but baby I'ma follow your lead, when the time is right in the heat of the night I'm hoping you don't get my disease, holding tight, nice and tight, fantasies will be fulfilled tonight, I'm gonna slay me some dreams tonight if it's the last thing I do before I die, but before I go, I must be sure, one more time means just one more, I must be sure.

All shall feel my rage, I'm coming towards you, again and again cos tonight is the night the stars foretell the end, all shall feel my rage.

Death ain't nothing but a heartbeat away, but soon I won't have a soul to save.

I'm shooting my last bullet with power and girth, I'm going out with a bang, LAST NIGHT ON EARTH.
Track Name: Ankle Deep
No matter how hard I try, I just cannot escape from the venom and spite in your eyes says it all when you're pinning me down, Lady just what is it that you want with my body, shifting position, lessening friction, on top alternation, as my soul blackens.

You can tell by the way I use my walk, I'm the kinda guy that can walk it off, this must be what they mean by becoming a man.

Because you can look away if you really want to but I know baby girl you need a man to hold you, ys you're a woman and yes we're just wasting time.

Fall into your trap, yes, cos it's something more than that.
Track Name: Don't wanna hear your voice again
You're not a natural blonde
You're fucking dumb as shit
You don't deserve a dude
as fucking cool as Tedz'
Katred rhymes with hatred.
Track Name: Solo Party
Hey, You know I'm all that I need, You say I'm outta my god-damn mind, but tonight that's alright.
Hey, You know the neighbours won't sleep, cos it's a Kool-aid fucking psyche jam, pushing 11 all night

Don't need no-one I'm on my own, End of tonight I'm dying alone and so far it's going alright.

Babe, You know I love you girl, but go ahead and uninvite yourself, see you in the morning - cos I - no sign of retreat, oh soon my mind will explode.
Track Name: Free Ben Shunna
The party's over, the street of Summer, a memory for those of you who wanna, You muthafucka, get your shit together, lose the fucking bear suit, FREE BEN SHUNNA.

A new campaign to break the fucking chains of a fucking friend who's enslaved. Slave.

Free Ben Shunna.